Music with Mummy


Music with Mummy is the 2nd stream in the Music with Mummy programme, created for approximately 1-3 year olds, this stage is much more involved than Jolly Babies and is specifically designed to be the beginning of your child’s pre-school education.

We have different modules and learning objectives each term and with every new module comes new songs.  We sing a mixture of traditional songs and songs written and created especially for Music with Mummy.  Each song has actions which are relatively simple and easy to learn, so your child can not only fully take part with every aspect in class but they will be able to enjoy doing them at home with the family aswell.

We teach the basic skills of sharing, socialising, listening & taking turns in every class and in every new term we teach something different.  For example we learn about the home, weather, seasons, numbers, colours, animals… the list is endless! In each lesson we also have a number of songs that your child can choose and play a mixture of instruments to and within the modules we learn how to control our instruments by playing loud and soft and stopping and starting.

Like Jolly Babies, each of the different sections helps your child develop in different ways through music and song.  Sessions are weekly during term time, last 30 minutes and held in small groups, enabling children and mums to get to know each other and make new friends. The small groups also help to create an informal and welcoming atmosphere, enabling individual attention and making it suitable for all children at every stage of this age range.