Jolly Babies

Jolly Babies is the first stream of the Music with Mummy programme and is the ideal first musical experience. For generations and generations, in all cultures, babies have been sung to, rocked and encouraged to make noise from the day they are born.

In Jolly Babies we introduce your baby to music by feeling the rhythm through mummy and with instruments. We sing a mixture of lullabies, popular nursery rhymes and songs written especially for Music with Mummy and encourage development through play by bouncing, clapping, pointing to baby’s ears, nose, mouth etc.

We start with a ‘hello song’ that is the same each week so your baby will quickly get to recognise what is coming next. We then progress into ‘action songs’, ‘bouncing songs’ and ‘percussion time’ in which baby can use things like tiny drums and shakers. We use bubbles, lights, a parachute and teddies to stimulate your baby visually, do ‘dance’ and ‘lullaby’ songs and have ‘listening music’ and a ‘goodbye song’ that again is the same each week so your baby will recognise that we have finished.

Each of the different sections helps your baby develop in different ways through music and song. Singing itself is very good for speech development.

Sessions are weekly during term time, last 30 minutes and held in small groups of no more than 12, enabling babies and mums to get to know each other and make new friends. The small groups also help to create an informal and welcoming atmosphere, enabling individual attention and making it suitable for even very young babies.