Hello. My name is Kelly Webster and I run Music with Mummy in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

I first heard about Music with Mummy groups when I’d given birth to my little girl Evie and began to take her to the Jolly Babies classes in my local area when she was 12 weeks old.  I have a passion for every aspect of music and was a professional singer for some years but I wasn’t expecting too much from my little 3 month old baby!  Although she expressed herself at home very well by making noises and smiling, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how she responded to the singing, the instruments and the other children, it was as if someone switched a light on inside of her.  This was a different reaction to any I had seen before, she was mesmerised and making as loud a noise as she possibly could, with every class she grew more confident and her responses to the classes grew.  As a new mummy I found the classes to be a completely different way to bond with Evie and a nice way to meet other new mummies I could chat with and grow friends with.  For that half an hour or so I didn’t have to do anything, but watch Evie enjoy herself and I tended to come out feeling relaxed myself.


After my return to work when Evie was a year old I decided I wanted to do something different with my life.  Although I enjoy working, I never felt that I was using my skills or doing something that I particularly enjoyed.  I love singing and I love children so becoming a Music with Mummy franchise owner and running my own groups was perfect for me. Over a series of months I had passed all of the training and assessments, found a perfect venue, not too large so I can give each child the required attention, bought the instruments for my first term and started my first class.  I now hold twenty classes per week at various venues across Beverley and Kingswood, with further interest and demand building constantly.

The classes are fun for all involved and my love for this programme made this perfect for me. The programme won a 'Netmums' award for their favourite pre-school class, I've been nominated for a 'Whats On' Junior award and recently won a Hull and East Riding Mumbler Award for best childrens activity.

What They Say

Jane Freeman:

'Kelly has a brilliant voice which the babies seem mesmerised by, everyone is always made to feel very welcome and I would highly recommend this group to everyone with small children.'

Erin Robertson:


'Seeing my son develop his coordination and language skills during our time at Jolly Babies has been a real delight. The songs are catchy and easy to learn and who wouldn’t love singing along to songs while playing with teddy, catching bubbles, shaking rattles and banging drums?'

Emma Collingwood:

'I think the sessions are both fun and educational, Kelly really encourages the children to learn how to share and take turns and I feel like my little boy is learning a lot. We can’t wait for next term to start!!!'